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Emacs And Clojure —
A Lispy <3 Affair

by Arne Brasseur (@plexus)
Clojure Berlin — February 2017

A Lispy Love Affair

Clojure ∈ ℒ   ∧   Emacs <3 ℒ   ⇒   Emacs <3 Clojure

ℒ: The set of all Lisps

Free Stuff!

Clojure Specific Stuff

Clojure Specific Stuff

Programming language major mode

Clojure Specific Stuff

Interact with a Clojure REPL process. An alternative to inf-lisp.

Clojure Specific Stuff

Use a running Clojure process as a backend for lots of functionality (REPL, font-locking, navigation, …)

Clojure Specific Stuff

Clojure specific refactorings


All you would expect from a programming language major mode (and more!)

Four variants: .clj, .cljs, .cljc, .cljx

clojure-mode font locking

Is pretty basic.

provides font-locking for built-ins,
but imprecise.

With CIDER you get smart font-locking

clojure-mode indentation

Follows the community style guide. Can be configured in great detail.

(setq clojure-indent-style :always-align)
;; :always-indent | :align-arguments

(put-clojure-indent 'symbol 2)

  (-> 1)
  (letfn     '(1 ((:defn)) nil))
  (defrecord '(2 :form :form (1))))

clojure-mode indentation

;; before
(def profile-route
  (GET "/user/:id" [id]
       {:body (profile-page (fetch-user id))}))

;; init.el
(put-clojure-indent 'GET 2)

;; after
(def profile-route
  (GET "/user/:id" [id]
    {:body (profile-page (fetch-user id))}))

Vertical Alignment

C-c SPC :: clojure-align
(setq clojure-align-forms-automatically t)

(defn guide-data [slug title html]
  (let [slug (str "/guides/" slug)]
    {:title   title
     :slug    slug
     :link    [:a {:href slug} title]
     :content html}))

inferior-lisp / inf-clojure

For use with “normal” REPLS (i.e. STDIN/STDOUT)

;; inf-clojure
(setq inf-clojure-program "lein figwheel")
(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'inf-clojure-mode)


Enable inf-clojure-minor-mode in source buffer.

C-c C-z or inf-clojure to start the REPL

C-x C-e / C-M-x / C-c C-c evaluate form


C-c C-z inf-clojure-switch-to-repl
C-c C-i inf-clojure-show-ns-vars
C-c C-A inf-clojure-apropos
C-c C-m inf-clojure-macroexpand
C-c C-l inf-clojure-load-file
C-c C-a inf-clojure-show-arglist
C-c C-v inf-clojure-show-var-documentation
C-c C-s inf-clojure-show-var-source
C-c M-n inf-clojure-set-ns


Based on nREPL



Depends on cider-cljs-lein-repl / cider-cljs-boot-repl

(setq cider-cljs-lein-repl
  "(do (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/start-figwheel!)

Cool trick: set in .dir-locals.el (Currently broken)


Originally in Emacs Lisp by Magnar Sveen.

Now largely done with an nREPL backend.

Elisp-only stuff has been moved to clojure-mode.